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So, I've been listening to the song stressed out by twenty one pilots obsessively lately. Like on repeat all day can, hum the tune unconsciously. Maybe it's because of the fact that I've been so stressed and panicky even on medication lately, maybe it's just because it's a good song. At this point in my life where adulthood is beginning to use me as a punching bag in earnest I can truly appreciate the lyrics. I feel like everyone wants to go back to the carefree days of not having responsibilities or bills. Where the only limit was what your imagination could come up with. On the particularly bad days I'll dream of some of my favorite things from childhood, like my swing and helping gramps in the garden solely to pilfer tomatoes for an afternoon snack. Running around in a bathing suit for absolutely no reason was perfectly acceptable and the death glare you'd get from your cat now when you put her in a frilly bonnet was a blank stare of acceptance because you were her snuggle human that brought her inside to curl up by the fireplace when it was cold outside. Then there are the pictures you come across when cleaning that are all smiling faces and silly poses because why not? I look back at that now and finally understand why adults always seemed so grumpy. The adult world for most people is shades of brown and gray with constricting clothing and corporate ties where you have to watch your mouth because the wrong words around the right people could loose you the job that pays you enough to barely scrape by if even that.  

I get mocked at work because I've read and continue to read the entire Harry Potter series over and over. I'm terrified to tell my family that I fully intend to get tattoos because to me it's like putting paint to a blank canvas and making it a riot of color and beautiful meaning. As a child you are encouraged to be yourself, be creative and wild and to think outside of the box only to be shoved back into these uniform little boxes and cubicles dictated by standardized tests and the corporate holier than thous. I haven't found a way to fully break out of that box yet but when I do, and I will, I will return to being limitless.


When you're scanning all of the things and accidentally scan all of the things as pdfs and now have to convert all of the things. UGHHH!!!!
Guys. It's Monday. It's acting like a Monday too. *sigh* When you get to many emails at once and your computer crashes. I'm going to need more coffee for this shit.
So. Found my old art class sketch book... to upload or not to upload that is the question.....
Guano insane be back soon *snickers*


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